3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Event Analytics


October 4, 2017


3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Event Analytics

This is an exciting time to be digging into the data generated from your events. With so many new tech tools and sophisticated insights, event planners can be very strategic in increasing the R.O.I. from conferences, trade shows, and events.

To get started and instantly learn more about your attendees’ interests and behaviors, here are some important questions you should be asking: 

Question 1: Where Do I Find My Event Analytics?

Depending on the event technology tools you are using to create and manage your events, analytics can be found in several different places. Your event website, your online registration platform and your mobile event app will all provide you with important data regarding performance and visitor interactions. If you are using a comprehensive event management platform such as Attendease, then all of your analytics will be found in one place. 

TIP: Another (free) source of important online performance data is Google Analytics, which is available to you no matter what type of event planning software you use.

Question 2: What Data Can I Get From Event Apps?

Event management systems also include an event app component. This feature allows attendees to use their mobile devices to register, receive general attendance and detailed session information, and interact with presenters and other attendees.
Event apps can help you track user behavior before, during and after your event. You can evaluate the number of page views and impressions for your agenda, speakers and sponsors, to help determine attendee interest at your event.

TIP: This data can be your secret sauce to encourage your sponsors and exhibitors to renew their packages – by reminding them of the valuable interactions and potential conversions they had at your show.

Question 3: Why Is The Net Promoter Score So Important?

Feedback from event attendees is key in gauging the success of events. A robust event management platform will allow you to easily gather useful data such as the “Net Promoter Score” from your attendees after they have experienced each of your sessions and other aspects of your event. This particular analytic is a gauge of loyalty and customer satisfaction. Net Promoters are your most important influencers, and well worth knowing inside and out.

TIP: Net Promoters are your loyal fans, who will sing your event’s praises to their friends and colleagues. They generally account for about 80% of your referrals and can help you close new sponsors or exhibitors with their passion.


Event analytics will provide you with actionable information and deep attendee insights about how your targeted and actual attendees are interacting with all of your marketing efforts. Get ready to take action on these insights, and you’ll be able to translate these insights into responsive marketing strategies – and create your best event yet!


For more about how to develop an analytics-rich event strategy featuring your event website, registration and event apps, download our FREE Ebook Event Analytics: The fundamental guide to executing your event right


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