3 Trends to Modernize Your Events and Improve Attendee Experience


October 16, 2019


3 Trends to Modernize Your Events and Improve Attendee Experience

We are only a few months away from a new decade — 2020 is just around the corner. When was the last time you updated the way you manage and run events? It may be time to modernize some aspects of your event that have stayed the same for far too long. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve that. The common thread: less is more.


No more waiting in line. Instead, do this:


Whether waiting for check-in, to get a swag bag, or to buy drinks, waiting in line will not only take away from your attendee’s experience but will also leave a poor impression in the end. There are many ways in today’s world that you can solve this problem that simply didn’t exist a few years ago. Technology like the ones provided by Boomset can cut wait times by providing solutions like:

  • On-site self-service check-ins
  • Face recognition check-in
  • RFID technology for cashless payments


No more paper. Instead, do this:


It is not just for the environment, which is a hot topic right now, but going paperless can do much more than saving trees and money: it can also save you from headaches gained by last-minute changes to the event program. In events, nothing is set in stone, and things often have to be changed. Tools like Attendease can help you manage all the moving pieces of your event from one unique platform, including sharing the event agenda, last-minute updates, and any additional material necessary. Here are a few ways that going paperless can be of service to both planners and attendees:


  • Share event program and information through the event website or event mobile app
  • Provide downloadable content ahead of time, such as PDFs and brochures
  • Have all updates done online with no need to re-print materials

No more swag. Instead, do this:


Gone are the days when people enjoyed collecting useless promotional material. From business cards to paper brochures, or ugly pens, keychains, and mugs. This is not only wasteful and bad for the environment (as most of the items will end up in the trash can), but it’s also more time that your team needs to get those bags ready before the event (raise your hand if you’ve ever had to fill in hundreds of bags just hours before registration opens). Instead, you can provide online swag – a modern way to impress your attendees while saving the environment and collecting data! Here is what companies like Virtual Event Bags can do for you:


  • Share online brochures and coupon codes from sponsors and exhibitors. Better measure how the coupons got used by using tracking capabilities from the e-swag provider.
  • Exhibitors can drive booth traffic by messaging pre-event and create their content to set appointments or capture RSVPs.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors can easily embed explainer videos as part of their message.
  • Contest management is built-in to drive engagement
  • Exhibitors can create two different placements and automatically display one message pre-event and a different one post-event.


Want to learn more ways to modernize your next event and how to do it? Watch our on-demand webinar in partnership with Boomset and learn how enterprise organizations are using technology to modernize their events!

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