6 Ways to Make Event Promotion Easy for Speakers (And Why It Matters)


August 22, 2016


6 Ways to Make Event Promotion Easy for Speakers (And Why It Matters)

 As an event professional, it can be easy to get lost in the details. Logistics, ticket sales, promotions, and tight timelines can fill up your list of pending priorities. But it’s important to remember that your speakers can be your greatest asset when it comes to the overall success of your event.

Speakers are usually happy to promote an event, but if they have to work too hard to help spread the word, your event could fall to the bottom of their to-do list. Simplifying the process and providing your speakers with the right tools to promote your event will not only boost exposure, but will help to fill seats – a mutually beneficial outcome for both the speakers and organizers of an event.

Here are 6 ways to make event promotion easier for your speakers:

1) Give them great graphics. Provide your speakers with shareable, eye-catching graphics in all the right formats for social media sharing. Graphics that include the speaker’s headshot, key event details, and your event branding can be great tools for engaging potential attendees and encouraging your speakers to share.

2) Provide them with a promo code. Give each speaker a customized promotional code to share with their followers, friends and fans, offering a small discount for event tickets. This will not only provide your speakers with a friendly way to self-promote, it will also provide you with a way to track the source of ticket purchases.

3) Pen their posts. Provide your speakers with a series of sample cut-and-paste blurbs for easy sharing on social media, including tweet-worthy text, event hashtag(s), sponsor handles, and ticket purchase links. The speaker will be more likely to share if the posts are pre-written and easily shareable.

4) Tag your tweets.  Be sure to collect the social media handles of your speakers so you can tag them on your posts. This is the easiest way to encourage them to pass along your carefully-crafted event messaging without having to compose the tweets themselves.

5) Shine the spotlight on them. Don’t just name drop, promote your speakers as relevant industry leaders by sharing some of their captivating stories or professional wins. People love praise, and sharing their stories through social media will not only shine the spotlight on their achievements but will also help shine the light on your event as well.

6) Put your event tech to work. Integrated event technology has made event promotion far easier for speakers and organizers. With new features like in-app newsfeeds, online and on-site social feeds and pre-event digital networking capabilities, there are more ways to promote, connect and engage with attendees — before and during the event.

The tools are there, and are easily accessible. By simplifying the sharing process for your speakers you can boost event awareness, increase ticket sales and even have access to more metrics to analyze and improve your efforts. That’s a win!




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