Event App Analytics To Plan Your Best Event Yet (that work in 2017)


January 11, 2017


Event App Analytics To Plan Your Best Event Yet (that work in 2017)

One of the best innovations in event tech over the last few years is the advent of event apps as an extension of many event technology platforms. Their mobility and flexibility have made the jobs of both event marketers and event planners much easier. One of the great advantages of event apps is their ability to offer us distinct analytics to help us refine our efforts as we produce our current events and plan more strategically for future events.

Here are the top 7 insights that event app analytics are capable of giving us:

1) How Well You’ve Marketed and Promoted Your App

By monitoring the number of users who’ve downloaded your event app and are actively using it, you’ll know if you did a good job getting the word out. Depending on how many impressions your pages are getting, and how many clicks you receive on each page, you’ll have a sense of how much viewers are actually using it. This reflects on how well you promoted your event app as an all purpose event navigation tool.

2) Attendee Insights

You’ll get a good sense of attendee behavior when you examine which pages they are accessing the most. You’ll get to understand their interests based on which speakers and sponsors catch their attention. You can also learn more about your attendees based on when they use your event app, how often, and for how long – invaluable insights for event planners who are looking ahead to next year…

3) How Attendees Are Participating in Your Event

These are some of the best attendee insights to come out of your mobile event app – the analytics that show which sessions they attended, which Q&A’s they participated in, how they responded to surveys and polls, the notes they took, and how they socialized aspects of the event. You’ll get a ton of information about how attendees interact with all the dimensions of your event, giving you clear signs of what elements are most popular and which can use some improvement.

4) Sponsorship and Advertising ROI

Your event app can provide you with real nuts and bolts information that will help you give important feedback to your sponsors and advertisers. If you can demonstrate with clarity how many sets of eyes are on their ads, how many people are reading their profiles and clicking on their sales and marketing collateral, you’ll be making a case for their continued support for future events. Event marketers take note, you can really benefit from this type of info as you plan future sponsorship campaigns.

5) Real Time Data

By examining who is registering ahead of time for what sessions, what attendees are saying on social media, and how they are connecting with other attendees, you’ll be in a better position to meet their needs. For example, perhaps certain sessions have been overlooked and need a little in the moment advertising, or others may be more popular than expected and require additional seating or other amenities. Your event app can supply you with data that will help you make changes on the fly, to improve the overall experience for your attendees – essential intel for any event planner.

6) Networking Quality

As part of today’s integrated platforms, mobile event apps often have a matchmaking capability that begins well before the actual event. Your attendees will be connecting with one another in anticipation of in-person meetings at the event. You’ll be able to gauge how many people are exchanging contact info, socializing and sharing other types of info such as notes, pictures and other documents. As good networking is a high priority for most event participants, it will help you customize their experience to support the development of these kinds of relationships.

7) Troubleshooting

How much did your attendees access their event app to obtain information and guidance? What kinds of information did they need? Directions or other travel assistance? Did they require some kind of support or report any specific problems? This kind of insight is invaluable in helping you determine how well you’ve implemented your event technology platform in service of a positive user experience for all of your event attendees. 


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