Exciting New Features of the Attendease Platform


May 25, 2017


Exciting New Features of the Attendease Platform

 Today we are thrilled to announce a bunch of new features and enhancements that will provide you with greater flexibility to develop, manage, and execute your event management strategy using the Attendease platform. The best part? You don’t have to wait – they’re available today.

 All of your events – all in one place

Organizations that manage multiple events may wish to feature them in a central listing. We call this an event portal. Now Premium and Enterprise customers will be able to launch a microsite that can include unlimited event listings. Each listing can be featured on an individual page and can be configured to display only certain events (based on meta information). Lists can also be segmented and ordered according to your requirements. The event portal microsite can be customized and managed using Attendease’s new drag-and-drop, wysiwyg content management system.


Support for multiple languages

We are also launching support for organizations with multiple languages. Now Premium and Enterprise customers are able to build a set of translations that can be used across all your events and event portals. Translations are added to a central repository where they can be edited and added to over time. When translation strings are added to a website template, new events that use the template can be configured to display in the language selected during event creation.












Like it? Duplicate it!

Since launching our new content management system, users have requested the ability to duplicate pages – and we listened! Now pages can be duplicated, saving you valuable time during event site setup. If you’ve created a page layout that will be replicated, simply duplicate the page to maintain design consistency and save time.




Single Sign On (SSO)

Now Premium and Enterprise customers can enable support for single sign on, or SSO, which allows your attendees to sign up once and save time when registering for future events. If your events use global registration fields you can set them up to prefill if a user has already filled in that question for a previous event.




No payment? No check out required

When we first launched our new content management system, a check out screen was required for all events. Users requested that this step should be removed for free events – again we listened! Now events that do not require payments will not require the registrant to confirm on the checkout screen.


We have also made a number of small enhancements and fixes to improve the user experience of Attendease. Here are some of them:


– Show loading message when event listing block loads

– Fix rendering of pages when there is no trailing slash in the URL.

– Fix the missing “Save Site Template” section for Organization Owners.

– Fix mobile styles for the registration block to add padding on mobile.

– Fix the save button feedback for saving templates on BUs

– Fix file upload (rivets issue)

– Fix the saving of the registration form when the checkout screen is skipped for free events

– Fix spacing on nested views for presenters, sessions and venues

– Fix to shorten text on the password reset screen so the button displays more nicely

– Fix to make sure default toggle values are reflected in block preferences

– Update label text on requires_account registration option to reflect more accurate functionality

– Fix “null” values appearing on global fields when there is a blank value

– Fix issue that was displaying an error when surveys were filled in without all their required fields

– Fix an issue where the ical calendar file for multi-session was displaying duplicate location information in the description

– Fix the event listing display in the admin dashboard for long event names

– Fix the page editor so you don’t need to reload the page when switching between pages

– Fix spacing above Watch Now button in the Event Info block

– Remove the automatic lowercasing of field labels in the form builder

– Fix the broken display of BU hierarchy

– Fix spontaneous re-ordering of site manager pages.

– Fix display of blocks in IE11

– Fix erroneous promo code logic when entering an invalid code

– Remove the session count on the tabs of the Schedule Block


If you don’t see a particular feature in your Attendease dashboard, please contact us to upgrade and/or onboard your organization.


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