Deliver seamless
online experiences,
from start to finish

attendease virtual event platform

Deliver seamless online experiences, from start to finish


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Modern Software for All Your Virtual Event Needs

Consolidate your event management, measurement, marketing, and video broadcasting tools into one powerful, fully integrated platform.

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attendease virtual event platform

Integrated Broadcast Experience

Use any URL-based web or video conferencing provider to integrate with your event in Attendease. Automate setup and configuration and automatically generate dynamic agendas for attendees based on virtual event start times.

Or provide an even more seamless experience to your audience, with fully integrated video broadcast features managed directly in the Attendease platform. 

attendease virtual event platform

Single or Multi-Session Online Event Automation

Choose between a single or multi-session broadcast to generate your meeting links; Attendease will automatically populate your web pages with the correct links for your guests to connect, saving you time and preventing errors.

attendease virtual event platform
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On-Demand Webinars & Recordings

Have the flexibility of hosting a Live event and quickly making it available on-demand. Provide your audience with recordings of your online sessions so they can watch it after the event is over, at their own pace.

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1:1 Meetings

[Coming Soon]
Create a more engaging virtual event experience by offering attendees the ability to schedule one-on-one meetings with other attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

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“We manage major conferences all over the world. Using Attendease frees up our digital team from developing solutions for all the events we operate and gives the events team a complete all-in-one solution.
Attendease is so easy to use as an event team, but more importantly, it’s easy for participants to register. It comes with a plethora of features like event website, mobile app, the registration system or the scheduling system — the ability to customize each event only to use the features that you require.”

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