How To Increase Your Attendance In One Easy Step


October 6, 2016


How To Increase Your Attendance In One Easy Step

OK, so you’ve set up your event registration website, you’ve launched your event marketing campaign, and you’ve done a great job promoting your event on social media. Your event pricing is good – people are signing up! But there are a number of people who have left incomplete registration forms on your event portal and then dropped out.

Don’t overlook what may be a great opportunity here to increase attendance, ticket sales, and ultimately bring in more revenue for your event – targeting the people who have started but not yet completed the registration process. Let’s see how we can get these folks out of limbo and all the way through to becoming full fledged attendees

Personal Follow Ups

Sometimes a personal note can be your best resource when trying to boost attendance to your event. People may not finish their event registration for various reasons. Perhaps they had to check a date in their calendar, or couldn’t find their credit card to complete the payment process. They may have been interrupted by a priority at work or even a family matter. No matter what the reason, if registering for your event has fallen off their radar, it’s your responsibility to gently place it back on.

Perhaps a simple note like, “We noticed that you didn’t complete your registration. Is there anything we can do to help? We’re here if you have any questions at all…”

Chances are, they don’t have any questions. But a note like this will definitely jog the memory of someone who truly did intend to register for your event, but simply got distracted along the way.


Email Campaigns

Nothing keeps the enthusiasm about an event higher than a vigorous email campaign that continues to build excitement during the months and weeks leading up to the event. Slowly rolling out news about speakers, special guests and other surprises is a great way to entice new attendees. Special messages from key people, such as a personal note from your event producer, can foster a unique connection with your audience and build a sense of community.

Although your email campaign may be geared towards your broader mailing list, make sure to include the people who have gotten stuck somewhere in the middle of the event registration process. Who knows? That one new speaker you just added might be the very thing that convinces them to get their act together and purchase their ticket!

Social Media Influencer Strategy

As any savvy event marketer will tell you, social media influencers have become one of the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal. When you have a popular, funny, talented or glamorous person talking up your brand, people will pay attention. Social media influencers are today’s celebrity spokespeople, and can help focus your campaign marketing with their broad reach.

Given how much time the average person spends online these days, it would be a great advantage for someone who’s undecided about your event to see tons of retweets coming from all their industry colleagues! Who knows, it might be just the thing to get them to the finish line to be your most recently registered attendee!

For more information on how Attendease can help you boost your event registration rates, get in touch with us here to learn more about our event technology platform.

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