Isn't technology great? Sometimes it feels like we are living in the future! Exciting new developments are always just around the corner. While driverless cars and pizza deliveries by drone are not yet available (to us mere mortals) there are some exciting updates from Attendease that are available today. You heard right - today! 

Planning an event is no easy task: event managers must be detail oriented and extremely organized in order to keep track of an entire array of variables. Always aiming to make your life easier, we have put together an event marketing calendar template, so you can plan your entire marketing communication schedule ahead of time, and have a bird’s eye view into your event communication throughout the entire event lifecycle.

If your company or organization hosts many events, an Event Portal is great for displaying all of the ongoing and upcoming events. Today we are announcing three new features to enhance your Event Portal website. Additionally, we've updated the names of some of our website content blocks.

Lead retrieval is when sponsors or exhibitors at your event are able to collect information about the attendees they meet on the floor. Rather than giving your attendee list to every sponsor and making attendees hate you for life when they come home from your event to an inbox overflowing with spam, you can improve your exhibitors' results as they follow up only with those they've had meaningful conversations with.

By now, you probably know that our number one priority is to help make your job easier. That’s why we are constantly updating and improving our platform, so event professionals can optimize their work and work smarter, instead of harder. Here are some of the latest platform enhancements that we are proud to share with you!