Events come in all shapes and sizes, but in most cases, it is a company’s larger marquee events that earn the highest acclaim from peers, prospects and partners. However, with the success of those larger events, comes bigger budgets and added costs required to run those events without a hitch. The idea of creating ongoing engagement and finding ways to continuously connect and create product facetime with customers is often better achieved through smaller, regularly scheduled events throughout the year.

Today, event professionals are producing the most complex and engaging events at a faster pace than ever before. Planners are tasked to ensure all stakeholder objectives are met, productivity is increased and event return on investment is achieved in a timely manner.

However, working with a segmented toolkit can be damaging to the efficiency of the planning process and a clear view of future actionable event insights. In this infographic we've collected some amazing data to show you the real value of an integrated event management platform. Enjoy! 

Is your event website operating at peak performance? In Part 1 one of this two-part series, we looked at some of the primary event analytics you should be paying attention to in order to maximize your event website’s role in producing your best possible event. In this, Part 2, we’ll explore how analytics derived from your event marketing activities are essential to your overall event marketing campaign.

As any experienced event planner or event marketer knows, you must understand the attendees you would like to have at your event, and how you will give them what they want. In other words, you have to be absolutely clear about your buyer personas. Once you understand your different attendees and their needs, you can create the perfect journey through your event for all of them.

One of the best innovations in event tech over the last few years is the advent of event apps as an extension of many event technology platforms. Their mobility and flexibility have made the jobs of both event marketers and event planners much easier. One of the great advantages of event apps is their ability to offer us distinct analytics to help us refine our efforts as we produce our current events and plan more strategically for future events.

Event planners, how much of your time is spent trying to get visitors to your event website? It’s a huge effort, for sure. If you’ve been successful driving significant traffic there, then way to go! But securing registrants to your event is only a small piece of the puzzle. Buried inside your event technology platform is a whole constellation of event registration analytics just waiting for you to explore. And you won’t believe the kinds of insights waiting there for you - information that can help you improve your marketing and event planning efforts in general to increase your overall registration, both in the moment and in the development of future event marketing campaigns.