Whether you're tasked with planning the next annual meeting for your non-profit, or pulling together vendors and speakers for a major corporate event, if you're not using event management software you're likely leaving money on the table. Although the world is moving to embrace technology in every sector, you may still feel attached to your spreadsheets, overflowing three-ring binders, and endless sticky notes. A recent survey showed that 20% of event planners don't have any idea what the direct ROI is from their events as a direct result of not incorporating technology; the ability to explicitly track return on investment is absolutely essential if you want to remain competitive.

By nature, event professionals are driven to be highly productive in order to meet the demands of our stakeholders and keep all attendees happy. When we get really busy, however, it can be hard to stay on track and accomplish reactionary tasks as well as staying ahead on bigger, more forward-thinking projects.  

Event planning can be daunting, whether you're organizing a membership drive or corporate meeting. With the increasing use of technology to simplify event management, you may reach a point of frustration trying to juggle numerous products trying find some way to put it all together. You'll know why stand-alone event tech is not for you when you start wishing you could go back to your overstuffed binders and endless sticky notes.