COVID-19 has definitely changed the event's industry in an unprecedented way, but changes will stick way longer than post-quarantine and social isolation times. A few regions are slowly opening their doors again, with more relaxed "stay home" rules and commerce slowly starting to reopen. While events are still not happening, we are already thinking about what the future of events will be like once things go back to "normal". 

With the disruption of the events' industry due to COVID-19, many event managers are now pivoting their in-person events into online meetings. While hosting a single-session webinar may be a breeze, hosting a multi-session online conference can seem like a daunting task for event professionals planning events in the online space for the first time. Knowing this is a big challenge even for experienced planners, we put together an implementation guide to help you manage your next multi-session online event. You can read the implementation guide here.

Providing an experience for donors and funding for nonprofits, fundraising events have benefits for all. However, just because they’re tried-and-true, that doesn’t mean the event fundraising process can’t be improved. Nonprofits are always looking for ways to increase incoming donations, whether that’s by improving event attendance or bringing in more gifts through each event.