What does 2020 hold for the events industry? A lot in fact! With rapid innovation and global sharing of ideas entrenched in technology – event managers are not any more afraid of applying new methods in order to find their perfect blueprint for an event. 

Event websites continue to be an extremely powerful marketing tool for promoting your upcoming events. They provide potential attendees with detailed information about the event, educating and entertaining them on the way. More importantly, they get attendees to sign up for events. 

Event apps have become extremely popular: more and more organizations are investing in these apps because they create a better event experience by making it easier to manage event updates and communication for attendees. When promoted properly during the build-up to an event, the app can also be a powerful marketing tool. A collaborative campaign to get users to download and use the app before the event has proven to help boost the number of visitors and the general hype and anticipation surrounding an event.

It doesn’t seem long ago when marketers were scrambling all over the place trying to learn how to be compliant to one of the most significant privacy and compliance changes in the past twenty years. If you are thinking GDPR, you are right. We all made it , after a lot of studying, consulting with lawyers, updating our websites, and changing how we collect data and how we communicate with our contacts. And just when we got comfortable again, CCPA comes in. Let the games begin once again! 

Pop-up retail events - commonly known as flash retailing - are an emerging marketing tool used by brands to boost their sales. At these pop-up events, a brand will set up their products and services at a temporary location, and through event marketing, will hype these events as the ultimate place to be at. These temporary spaces have the potential to become a major brand-boosting tool for weeks when planned and executed properly. 

There is no doubt how important it is to use social media to promote your events and create buzz. Whether using paid or organic reach, you should be able to keep top of mind with your desired audience while boosting registrations. Here are some tips to make the most out of your event’s social media strategy.