You've planned great events and you've checked off everything on your list. What happens to all your valuable information with all the new faces that attended your events? Attendease has added yet another integration that's no stranger in your event sales and marketing efforts. Your Attendease information can now easily flow into Marketo programs and leads. 



Attendee Applications

There are certain exclusive events that require attendees to be vetted. Whether these events are internal, invite only, or simply have a limited capacity, there are times when you need an application process. We recently released an attendee application process.

No matter what kind of event you’re running, how many attendees you’re expecting, or what industry you operate in, something will go wrong at your event. Outside of a one-in-a-million (and probably mythical) “unicorn” event, some unexpected contingency or unlikely eventuality is going to throw you off your carefully-laid plans.

Your branding is a powerful statement. Your brand conveys a variety of messages (subtle or not so subtle) about your product or company. Think benefits, values, culture, and personality (to name a few). We want to make it easier for you to stay on brand so we've added some design enhancements this week to help you make a statement.

If you manage multiple events, you're well aware of how demanding and time challenging the process can get. Fortunately, with the right tools and strategies even the busiest event managers can handle competing priorities, save time, and get more done. One of the best strategies is using email cloning. Here's a quick guide to why and how you should use email cloning.