How an Event Automation Platform Helps You Avoid Event Management Issues


August 23, 2017


How an Event Automation Platform Helps You Avoid Event Management Issues

Event marketers are inevitably stretched for time, with never-ending To-Do lists and limited resources. Under these intense conditions, it’s no surprise that issues arise. Unfortunately, in the running of a successful event, there’s little margin for error. Attendees have high ROI expectations and low tolerance of problems that compromise their experience.

Thankfully, an event automation platform can save the day. Even if you’re a team of one, you can pull off a sophisticated, streamlined event that wows your attendees—all without breaking a sweat. With an event automation platform, you can delegate most of your routine event tasks to the platform and focus instead on functions that contribute to attendee experience, lead generation, and ROI.

The goal of an event automation platform is to simplify the event management process by delegating and automating as many tasks as possible. Automation eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes and ensures a professional event that comes off without a hitch.


Here are some examples of how an event automation platform can help you avoid common event management pitfalls:



Common Issues     

How an Event Automation Platform Can Help You
Changes to event information are not updated across all channelsEvent automation affords global control of assets. You only have to update once and your edits are implemented across all applicable channels. For example, you may need to change a speaker at the last minute. Without an event automation platform, you must update the agenda, speaker list, and event website. But now, instead of this onerous task, you can make one edit and all channels are updated automatically.
Accidental session overlap or exceeding room capacity

Smart scheduler saves you from yourself; it won’t allow you to schedule sessions that overlap, nor book the same speaker to present at two places at one time. You can also stop worrying about managing room capacity by capping the number of attendees per room and letting your event automation platform manage the rest.

Wasted hours & resources recreating similar events

If you have repeating events, there’s no need to recreate them every time. You can simply pick the specific elements you want to clone (website, registration forms, email blasts etc.) and recreate the event with the click of a button.

Poor lead data management, including errors importing & exporting leadsThe solution: integrations with Slack, Salesforce & HubSpot. There’s no need to export or import your data; the whole process is automated for you. An event automation platform will send you weekly reports on event performance directly to Slack, and let you nurture event leads in HubSpot or Salesforce. Never worry about forgetting to follow up, losing contacts, or leaving leads languishing without due attention.  
Disjointed, inefficient management of multiple events or different event teams

If you are an event marketer with a portfolio of events, or you have different business teams working on events, event automation software will help you seamlessly manage permissions, authentications, security, and access. No more admin headaches!

Too much time & resources allocated to launching event websiteWith an event automation platform, you can create a professional event website in minutes—without a team of designers. There’s no need to struggle with web design, create a layout from scratch, or hire a developer. Just pick the template you like, customize it, and voila! Your branded website is ready to go.



If you’d like to see how the Attendease event automation platform can optimize your event registration process—and ensure happy attendees—check out for a demo.


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