Display all upcoming events within an organization, whether public facing or private.

Calendar or List Formats

Private or Public Events

All events in one place

Portal Website

Consolidate all of your portfolio of events in one portal website and showcase all events as a calendar and/ or listing format. Manage your events’ portal like a regular website: add as many pages as you need and include information about your products, services, teams, and whatever else you need!

Event Preview

Showcase a preview of all the events with applicable details, such as date, time, description, and more. Link preview block to the event website to learn more or to register for the event.

Custom Filters

Showcasing your events’ list when managing a large event portfolio doesn’t have to be complicated. Create custom tags and filter your events by type, location, product, department, or other parameters that may be important to your organization. Let your users filter what events they would like to see based on the filters created.

Event Request Form

Internal events often need to be requested by the event or marketing team, so the platform admins can create a new event. Simplify the process with the event request form, which is accessible to your entire team, whether or not they have access to the Attendease platform.

“Attendease is the Swiss Army knife of conference production. The best part is the ‘ah-ha’ moments when using the platform – the attention to small details not only delight, but dramatically enhance the process of conference programming”

Wei Yeh