Managing Product Launches 

Product launches are essential to gain awareness and publicity about the new product and the brand itself. A successful launch can actually lead to the success of the product, by generating buzz and building sales momentum. Whether launching a product for an enterprise corporation, like Adobe, or for a small startup, having the right tools in hand to help you plan and manage your product launch event can be crucial to the event success without blowing the budget.

Product Launch Event Technology Requirements

You should know your event requirements in order to find the right tech solutions for your event management needs. While you will likely want to have a public landing page or event website for your public product launch, you may want to keep your internal events private, so only employees can see your event details. Moreover, you may want to invite only a segment of your clients and make the event only visible for that group. Here are some questions you may need to consider:

  • Do I want people to register, and track who registered for the event?
  • How important is it to have a well-designed landing page to attract people to register?
  • Will there be speakers for this event?
  • How much interaction do I want with my audience during the meeting or event?


There are many more questions you may need to ask yourself, however, the answers to these questions are crucial to deciding what tools you may need to better manage your events.

Using Attendease to Manage Product Launches

Working with our award-winning event management platform and a support team you trust will guarantee you time and cost savings with each incremental event you run.

Save time by automating tasks through workflows

Eliminate web development costs by cloning a previous event

Decrease the tools you use from an average of seven down to one

Manage attendee data across multiple events

Have one source of truth for all your events

Easier to onboard teams to manage multiple events 

Finding the right event management platform can dramatically reduce costs and increase your productivity. At Attendease, we aim to simplify event management by allowing professionals to manage different stages of the event lifecycle through one unique platform. In fact, some users can drop an average of seven tools when they start using Attendease to manage their events. This can not only help you to reduce costs, but also allows your team to work more efficiently while keeping all of your event data under one unique platform.


Attendease has helped companies like Adobe to manage their product launch events more efficiently. Learn how you can do the same!

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