Hosting a sequence of events in a number of different cities is a great way to build brand awareness and product knowledge while providing a memorable experience for your guests. Whether you are hosting a roadshow for your customers, prospects, or partners, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your salespeople on the field and jumpstart your demand generation efforts.

Automation for Roadshow Events

Because roadshows usually involve multiple events that are similar in nature and happen at different dates and locations, automation can be an important ally to event managers. Imagine all the effort to build a unique event landing page or website, setting up forms and registration processes, adding content about speakers, sponsors and/or exhibitors, among others.

With Attendease, you can clone an event setting and website and edit the information to match your new event within a couple of hours. Now imagine the efficiency gains when you consider the multiple events you are running. In addition, Attendease offers a comprehensive reporting option that allows you to compare how each of your events performed against each other, including the number of attendees, revenue, popular sessions, and more.

Using Attendease to Manage Roadshows

Working with our award-winning event management platform and a support team you trust will guarantee you time and cost savings with each incremental event you run.

Save time by automating tasks through workflows

Eliminate web development costs by cloning a previous event

Decrease the tools you use from an average of seven down to one

Manage attendee data across multiple events

Have one source of truth for all your events

Easier to onboard teams to manage multiple events 

Planning Your Roadshow Event

Roadshow events can help with both market development and market penetration and, when executed well, can be a cost-effective way to grow business. Here are a few ways to take your brand and message across multiple territories:

  • Consider a top-notch line up of speakers in order to attract attendees. Making the event more educational, rather than a sales pitch, will make the experience more enjoyable for all.
  • Create networking opportunities. Because roadshows tend to be focused on local communities, leveraging networking opportunities can help bring your message further.
  • Don’t have the resources to pull a roadshow together? Consider sponsorship opportunities. Depending on your industry, sponsorship can be a fit and help you get your roadshow plan out of the paper.
  • For many B2C companies, roadshows is also a great opportunity to put your product on the hands of users (or potential users). Think workshops, clinics, trials, consumer groups…
  • Consider having a free event and offer food, beverages, door prizes, etc. This can help to generate more interest in your roadshow event.

Finding the right event management platform for your roadshow will dramatically increase your productivity when managing events. At Attendease, we aim to simplify event management by allowing professionals to manage different stages of the event lifecycle through one unique platform. In fact, some users can drop an average of seven tools when they start using Attendease to manage their events. This can not only help you to reduce costs, but also allows your team to work more efficiently while keeping all of your event data under one unique platform.


Attendease has helped companies like Adobe, Pivotal, and Autodesk manage a multitude of events. Learn how you can do the same!

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