Top 5 Event Planning Tips of 2017


November 29, 2017


Top 5 Event Planning Tips of 2017


Got five minutes for five of the top event planning tips of 2017?

Seeing the end of the year coming up, we decided to look back through our blog and share the event marketing tips everyone seems to value the most.

Here’s what we discovered are some of your top event planning interests: establishing meaningful connections for attendees at your events; an ever-increasing focus on event analytics and ROI;  an enthusiastic drive to create your own event websites (as long as it’s easy, beautiful, creative, inexpensive, and completely customizable); and that (no surprise) tips to convert prospects to attendees will always be a top priority.        

So, here is your roundup of our most popular event management tips of 2017!

10 Ways to Encourage Networking at Your Event

What can you do to encourage networking at your event, and leave everyone excited about returning next time? Turns out – a lot. From 1-to-1 appointments, paying attention to the introverts in the group, and connecting people online and in-person – strategic design of event networking is fascinating. Here’s a tip:

Plan for fun. Attendees will remember the fun and unconventional activities you created to get them connected. Facilitated games and events like these are a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Discover more about networking at events.


3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Event Analytics

Event analytics provide you with actionable information and deep attendee insights about how your targeted and actual attendees are interacting with your marketing efforts. With so many new tech tools and sophisticated insights now available, event planners can be very strategic in increasing the R.O.I. from conferences, trade shows, and events. But accessing your event analytics doesn’t have to to be complicated or intimidating! Here’s a tip:

Your event website, online registration platform, and mobile event app will all provide you with important data regarding performance and visitor interactions. Event apps can help you track user behavior before, during and after your event. Evaluate the number of page views and impressions for your agenda, speakers and sponsors, to help determine attendee interest.

Read all about event analytics.


How to Create Beautiful Event Websites without an Army of Developers and Designers

Event marketers love the opportunity to create their own event websites, and are surprised to see how easy-to-make and not boring they can be! So we showed you how to start start creating and publishing your own stellar event websites with minimal or no involvement of developers and designers. Here’s a tip:

Tweaking the speaker list? Adding sponsors? Last-minute changes in the event schedule? Any changes you make during your event-planning stage can automatically be reflected on your event website.

Check out more about creating event websites.


Show-Stopping Event Website: Engagement-Boosting Trends in 2017

Speaking of awesome websites, we investigated what elements combined to create event websites that impact, engage, and convert attendees. What should you be doing? Display high-quality, authentic photography on your site. Use everyday language in your registration forms to ask questions and obtain information in a more conversational and engaging way. Make sure you embed videos of past events in your website. Here’s a tip:

Showcase speakers and keynotes on your event website, encouraging prospects to easily visualize the value they will receive by attending. Featuring a real-life recap of the previous event will manage attendee expectations, while piquing their interest for the upcoming event.

Learn more event website tips.


The Real Value of An Integrated Event Management Platform

This infographic shows a 2017 snapshot of the need for and benefits of integrated event management platforms, helping you to juggle a BIG workload. Some of the stats were surprising, and show the gap event marketing tools can fill: 68% of event planners produce 13+ events annually; 72% produce the same event year after year; 62% of planners use 7 tech tools to plan one event; and less than 5% of an event planners’ tools are integrated. Here’s a tip:

We’re biased, but seriously – integrated event tech saves time, money, and major headaches for your team 🙂

More about event management platforms.


Looking forward to 2018 and all that it brings to our amazing event marketing industry!

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