New features to improve attendee experience


August 10, 2017


New features to improve attendee experience

We are pleased to introduce two new platform features that will help you improve pre-event attendee experience and convert and delight your prospects: conditional fields and Grouse Theme, another stunning event website template. In addition, we launched three powerful integrations with Slack, Hubspot and Salesforce.

  • What is a Conditional Registration Form Field?

Conditional fields are a powerful marketing tool for improving your registrant’s form submission experience. No more inflexible form fields that are not personalized or tailored to the needs of each attendee. Now you have the ability to build dynamic registration forms that use conditional logic. Choose whether a question is visible or hidden, based on a registrant’s selections in previous fields.

For example, you can ask attendees if they have any dietary requirements. If the answer is YES, they will see additional questions that will give you better understanding of their specific food requirements. If they answer “NO”, they will automatically be sent to the next question without specifying food preferences.


Conditional Fields-hiddenif2.gif

  •  Grouse Theme: Customizable Event Website Templates

We’ve added one more stunning new theme to our library! Our Grouse Theme includes modern, easily-customized website themes for your events. Grouse has universal site structure that could work perfectly for a business conference, an internal event, or a webinar. And, of course, you can fully customize it so it has your brand’s look and feel. Save time and resources by using beautiful templates from our library.

grouse theme.jpg


*Grouse Theme availability depends on the subscription plan, please contact for details.  


  • Stay on top of your events with Attendease Integrations

Integrations are an event marketer’s shortcut to create a seamless, error-free attendee management process. HubSpot, Slack, Salesforcethree big Attendease integrations to automate your event lead management and simplify your life. Each integration has unique benefits for event planner; learn more about each in a separate blog post here.


integrations .png


If you are curious to learn more, take a visual

tour into the possibilities of Attendease!



Attendease is an event automation platform for corporate event teams built to enable a repeatable, scalable event planning and execution process.

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