Your Event Tech Needs To Work On Your Time


September 20, 2016


Your Event Tech Needs To Work On Your Time

As an event planner, you are so busy!. Juggling strategy with execution is a game of timing that requires focus and organization. Between defining a theme and keynote speakers, managing your budget, booking hotels, creating registration forms, crafting a schedule, and finalizing the mobile event app, you may be looking at a best case scenario of organized chaos. The reality is, you need help to stay organized and effectively execute all those assignments that have landed in your lap. You need an event management platform that is powerful yet easy to use, allowing you to build out and manage content and information as you bash through all the tasks on your plate.

First Things First

The first thing you need is an event management tool that will allow you to quickly publish your event landing page and initial registration information, beautifully designed, while you are nailing down all your sessions and confirming all your speakers. You should be able to add this information in bits and pieces as the details are solidified. As a bonus, every time you make an important addition to your schedule, it’s a great excuse for an email blast!

Sharing Information With Your Team in Real Time

These days, event marketing teams are spread far and wide, sometimes working from different parts of the world, let alone in the same office. You need an integrated event management platform  that allows you to communicate and collaborate with chosen members of your team in real time, so you can finalize copy, confirm speaker lineup, make decisions on vendors, and update your ongoing marketing plans as you get closer to your event date. You’ll also want to be able to plan and coordinate all your pre-production and load-in plans.


Easy Check-In

Your online registration software should translate seamlessly into easy check-in on the day of your event. No more clumsy, hand-written lists or endless excel spreadsheets. No more attendees fumbling for print-outs of their ticket confirmation. Integration of ticket sales and check-in is the new gold standard in event registration. Most people know now to merely bring their smart phones and flash their confirmation email for quick entry at the door. This saves time for everyone, and prevents annoying delays for attendees.

Event Communications Insights

It’s important to understand the flow of your marketing outreach – how people respond to your mailings, your press releases and your social media postings. Your event marketing and communications can tell a powerful story and provide the secret sauce for your best attended event yet. Your event marketing plan should be fluid and responsive, allowing you the opportunity to pivot and iterate your process at any time prior to your event.

Pulling it All Together

At any point leading up to the final execution of your event, you need to be able to make last minute changes and communicate the necessary information to all team members and attendees. With the right event technology, your entire production operation should be well integrated into a mobile first, fluid, technology ecosystem.

And this type of system even integrates into the future… When you’re ready to start planning your next event, you can utilize an event tech platform to easily launch your new event website and registration page by cloning a previous one or firing up a new template. You’ll be able to customize as you go, maintaining brand continuity while saving time and money across a series of events.

If you’d like more information on how Attendease might be able to help you with your next event, get in touch with us here.



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