Organizations and Teams

Give each of your event teams their own level of admin access.

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Manage team access levels so you can delegate effectively.

By using a system of organizations and teams, Attendease team permissions provides the flexibility for teams to work securely and effectively on every event. Its power is also in its scale, proven equally agile for small teams with a few members and global series of events with numerous teams.

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Owners have full access to all events and have admin rights to the organization. Owners can create other teams and manage team members. They can also view billing history and change payment plans.

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Use team permissions to comprehensively manage what your teams can access within an organization. Teams can be assigned to a single event or to multiple events.

Featured Event

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Creative Cloud 2015 World Tour

For the Creative Cloud 2015 World Tour, Adobe used the Attendease platform to successfully manage team permissions for dozens of teams all over the world.