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Easy registration setup lets you start accepting payments immediately.

Our online event registration software and payment tools include drag-and-drop form building, pass and group management, powerful reporting and financials, and uncomplicated attendee management. Our registration forms are clean, modern, mobile-friendly and can be highly customized to perfectly match your brand.

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Form Builder

The drag-and-drop form builder allows you to create clean, modern registration pages that are mobile-friendly and feature cross event reporting. Forms can have unlimited input fields, in any order. Add custom field labels, placeholder values and help text. Indicate required fields, and the type of input expected.

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Registration is fully integrated with scheduling which provides a seamless experience for registrants as they view the event schedule, register, and begin personalizing their own schedules. Using a custom theme, each step of this process is consistently on brand. An event schedule can be accessed from any device and published changes are reflected instantly for your registrants to see.

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Attendee Management

Manage attendee pass changes and refunds. View live attendance statistics and download attendance reports on demand. Access conference schedule and view registration and survey results for specific attendees.

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Reporting/Cross Event Reporting

Data collected is available through the Attendease admin, and can be downloaded on demand. Use cross event reporting to collect data across unlimited events and aggregate the results into a single report.

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Easily create event and conference passes and have the flexibility to determine price, dates, and visibility.

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Groups and Codes

Segment registrants into groups, and with custom codes, control which groups have access which passes.

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Registration Confirmations

Manage your confirmation messages and email and customize the look and feel to keep your communications on message and on brand.

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Billing and Payment

Attendease accepts all major credit cards and eliminates the hassles of setting up a merchant account. Access and download financial reports on demand.

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Form Builder

You may want to collect additional information from attendees during registration. Using the registration form builder you can construct a custom form that attendees will be required to fill out upon registering for your event.

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Financials and Payout

The payment summary report provides a comprehensive financial breakdown of all the money collected and paid out to date. This report is generated when you open your event registration and can be downloaded upon demand.

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