How to Manage Speakers for Your Next Event


December 14, 2017


How to Manage Speakers for Your Next Event

If you are running a learning-based event, like a conference or convention, your event speakers will be one of the most important considerations to make. They are the top reason why people are signing up for your event. Whether you have four or 40 speakers, having an established process to onboard them will guarantee smooth collaboration and leave a long lasting impression.

Here are the top challenges (and solutions!) for finding and on-boarding event speakers.

Finding speakers for your event

Of course, it all starts with finding top speakers. You can actively reach out to industry experts, or you can have people interested in speaking coming directly to you (isn’t that a dream!) 

An email platform may help you to speed up the process and send email blasts to invite applicants, but you can make things really easy by letting speakers come directly to you. Having a “Call for Speakers” available on your website is a great way to promote your speaker search. Create an online form, so candidates can fill in an application on the spot, instead of emailing you for more information.

Review/ Approve/ Reject Speaker Applications

Once you hit your deadline, it’s time to review all the applications and approve or reject them. Having those applications online will be very handy now, as you can manage everything in one unified place. You can use the email platform to communicate directly about successful and unsuccessful applications. 

Promoting Speakers on Your Event Website

Yay! Now you have selected the best speakers, so the hard work is done right? Not really… Collecting speakers bios, setting up the schedules, connecting with their social media channels… To add to that, each speaker may delay the process from hours to days while they get back to you with all their information. And you still need to update your website! It’s a lot of work, and keeping track of everyone is a challenge.

Ready to manage event speakers more efficiently?

We are proud to introduce Speaker Workflows! Knowing that the task of managing speaker profiles can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort, we have launched an easy-to-use speaker module on the Attendease platform, which will simplify and streamline the process of managing speakers for your next event. Combining your content management system, email marketing platform, and those darn spreadsheets, in order to have all your speaker management needs into one platform. 

Speaker Workflows

Speaker Workflows allows you to create custom application forms for your event website, invite applicants, and manage the application process. As applications are submitted, you are able to review, approve, or reject applications. Approved applicants are automatically added to your event as speaker profiles. 

What’s new?

  • Create custom application forms
  • Add your custom speaker application form to your event site
  • Create an email blast and invite applicants
  • Review, approve, and reject applications

In future releases of Speaker Workflows, you’ll be able to create task lists for speakers to complete. This will ensure they submit the correct abstracts, photos, bios, and everything else required to set up their profile. 

Who’s excited? We are excited! Check our support resources for more information or get in touch for a free demo of this module.

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