Deliver seamless, hybrid events.

Expand your reach and engagement with a hybrid event. Let attendees connect and learn – anywhere they are.

The future of events is hybrid

Deliver the best of in-person and virtual events using a robust solution that allows for the configurability you need. Attendease provides you with the environment required to meet the needs of both audiences without compromising.

Manage the complexities of hybrid with a versatile solution

Host your hybrid event with a unique platform that can support both the in-person and virtual component of your event while providing a cohesive experience to attendees.

  • Tailor the event registration process so that your audience can choose between your in-person or virtual offerings
  • Make your in-person event available online both live or on-demand
  • Let attendees register for sessions specific to their pass type
  • Control room capacity for both virtual and in-person sessions

Unified Insights

Our end-to-end system makes event reporting a breeze. Use the Attendease reporting dashboard to see how your hybrid event performed and compare performance between in-person and online components.

  • Track and analyze attendee engagement across both physical and virtual events
  • Compare and contrast the results between the virtual and in-person components of your event
  • Track registration and revenue for your event in real-time
  • Learn what sessions are most popular

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Save time no matter how big your events portfolio is

Optimize your event management with the help of Attendease.