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Attendease has been powering in-person events for enterprise organizations for over 15 years

Your all-in-one event management solution

Event technology that helps you manage and control your entire event lifecycle, from start to finish. Attendease powerful event management and automation software serves as a foundation for all your event execution tasks.

Managing complex event schedules with ease

Manage the simplest to the most complex event schedules with our easy drag-and-drop session slotter. Attendease helps you to schedule single-session and multi-session events while avoiding schedule conflicts and manual errors. A smart way to manage events with confidence.

  • Create, edit and manage sessions with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool
  • Manage multi-day, multi-session events with an intuitive system
  • Setup room capacity and waitlists
  • Avoid double booking a speaker or a room
  • Visualize your schedule grid to ensure nothing is missed

Versatile registration and ticketing options

Provide a seamless experience to attendees, letting them register for an event without ever leaving your event website.

  • Manage pricing categories, promo codes, and group passes
  • Create unique registration forms for specific pass types
  • Enable session specific registrations
  • Option to allow group registration, import attendees to the event, and send private invitations
  • Manage event and session capacity, set waitlists

Report and insights at your fingertips

Gather and measure attendee, event, and event portfolio data and transform it into valuable insights, for better decision making.

  • Track performance throughout entire event lifecycle
  • Collect real-time registration data
  • Visualize and export event data
  • Measure single events or all event from a business unit
  • Track member attendance across multiple events

Other ways you can plan and deliver your meetings and events


Deliver impactful online meetings and events at scale


Run events with in-person and online components

Optimize your event management with the help of Attendease.