Stunning Website Themes: Pine and Grouse

Customizable Event Website Templates

We’ve added two stunning themes to our library! Our Grouse and Pine Themes include modern, easily-customized templates for your events. They have universal site structure that could work perfectly for a business conference, an internal event, or a webinar. And, of course, you can fully customize it so it has your brand’s look and feel.

Integrations with Slack, Salesforce and Hubspot

Integrations are an event marketer’s shortcut to creating a seamless, error-free attendee management process. HubSpot, Slack, Salesforce—these three big Attendease integrations will automate your event lead management and simplify your life. Unifying multiple tools into a single platform allows you to have a holistic and comprehensive view of your business and ROI.

Video Hero

According to the latest Nielsen research, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. Our latest event website innovation empowers you to leverage the power of video marketing without any technical difficulties. Easily embed a video into the hero block of the website with the click of a button.

Multi-Attendee Registration

This long-awaited platform feature allows a single person to register multiple attendees for an event, each with individual personal details, during the same registration occurrence and payment instance. It’s a perfect solution for corporate attendees that come to your event as a group or want to pay from a business account. Multiple attendee registration improves the event registration experience for your attendees.

Conditional Registration Form Fields

Conditional fields are a powerful marketing tool for improving your registrant’s form submission experience. No more inflexible form fields that are not personalized or tailored to the needs of each attendee. Now you have the ability to build dynamic registration forms that use conditional logic. Choose whether a question is visible or hidden, based on a registrant’s selections in previous fields.