Flexible registration & ticketing options

An online event registration system built to fulfill all your event management needs.

Coordinate all moving parts with confidence

Our nimble yet powerful registration and payment features provide the foundation for all your meetings and events. Provide a seamless experience to attendees by letting them register to the event without ever leaving your event website.

Full-featured registration forms

Create registration forms that include everything you need, from global fields that manage attendee data across multiple events, to conditional logic and custom fields.

  • Manage pricing categories, promo codes, and group passes
  • Use advanced form features, including global fields, conditional logic, custom fields
  • Create unique registration forms for specific pass types
  • Save registration forms to use again in future meetings and events

Flexible registration for all scenarios

Each meeting and event has unique requirements. Attendease gives you the flexibility to manage registration exactly as you need.

  • Option to allow group registration
  • Import attendees to the event
  • Send private invitations
  • Enable session specific registrations
  • Manage event and session capacity, set waitlists

Secure payment gateway

Everything you need to manage registration and payments within your event management dashboard. Fully secure and easy to use.

  • Manage secure payments with Stripe, Microsoft, Apple and/or Google Pay
  • Ability to accept multiple currencies
  • Ability to manage refunds
  • Measure real-time registration, sales, and refunds


Run events with in-person and online components


Deliver impactful online meetings and events at scale


Save time no matter how big your events portfolio is

Across our enterprise, event planners were having to jump through hoops to deal with all the regulations and constraints when registering attendees for an event. The [Attendease] application saves them huge amounts of time by implementing event tools to manage the registration flow. ake it easy for me to tailor my page and edit it on my own without needing web developer experience. There is always a quick turnaround when I need additional support.


Take the driver’s seat and save time with Attendease.