A single source of truth

Track, measure, and analyze your events with confidence

Event reporting made easy

Our end-to-end system makes event reporting a breeze. And with all your event data in one system, you can easily compare against your own benchmarks, gain insights on what’s working, and drive a cycle of continuous quality improvement for your events.

Reporting Dashboard

Gather and measure attendee, event, and event portfolio insights with confidence.

  • Track performance throughout entire event lifecycle
  • Collect real-time registration data
  • Visualize and export event data
  • Measure single events or all event from a business unit
  • Track member attendance across multiple events

Marketing Insights

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns with ease and drive informed decision-making based on data.

  • Integrate with social media tracking pixels
  • Gather web traffic data from our Google Analytics integration
  • Create UTM tags to measure your marketing campaigns

Custom survey tool

Create fully-branded surveys to gather insights from attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners to learn more about how your event performed under different perspectives.

  • Create an unlimited number of surveys and share with specific audiences
  • Visualize key metrics and retrieve detailed data about your event performance
  • Share you survey before, during, or after your event


Run events with in-person and online components


Deliver impactful online meetings and events at scale


Save time no matter how big your events portfolio is

Our business had to execute 200+ events and needed to lean on an easy to use product instead of manually making landing pages for each one. Attendease is a comprehensive one stop shop for event management.


Learn how to manage your events the smart way.