Make managing all your events manageable

Create, publish, and manage all your meetings and events from one integrated platform

Multi-tasking, mastered

Manage more meetings and events with less effort. From multiple headaches to star multi-tasker, Attendease helps you automate key workflows and bring calm to the chaos of even the most complex meetings and events.

Built for Teams

Attendease was built specifically to meet the needs of busy enterprise professionals who juggle internal and external meetings events. Enable team collaboration while eliminating data and security risks through user permission controls.

  • Manage different brands and business units from one platform
  • Use modern security settings to manage user permissions based on role

Automate tasks to drive productivity

Simplify processes and scale your team’s efforts to consistently deliver quality event experiences. With our workflow automation tools you have the ability to reduce manual errors and ensure personalization across all your digital touch points.

  • Use pre-built website and email templates and easily clone event settings, design, emails, and workflows to quickly spin new events
  • Automate tasks and create workflows to increase productivity and work more efficiently

Enables brand ownership and consistency

Keep the unique look and feel of your brand across your entire portfolio of events. Use our templates to help your brands maintain a unified look and feel across all events.

  • Allow business units their own custom look and feel, url, and branded experience
  • Manage the website template library and assets for all business units
  • Create a library of website and email templates to use across all your events
  • Visually segment and consolidate your multiple event listings into a portal


Run events with in-person and online components


Deliver impactful online meetings and events at scale


Save time no matter how big your events portfolio is

Our business had to execute 200+ events and needed to lean on an easy to use product instead of manually making landing pages for each one. Attendease is a comprehensive one stop shop for event management.


Learn how to manage your events the smart way.