Simplify Speaker Management

Put the spreadsheets aside and manage your event speakers from one, easy-to-use platform.

Streamlined Workflows

Simplify speaker management tasks through workflows that save you time and make you look great. Attendease provides powerful yet intuitive tools that enable you to plan, manage, and simplify the speaker management process each step of the way.

Quality assurance and data consistency

Attendease syncs speaker data from your event configuration to your event website and across devices. Save time while reducing manual errors, and ensure quality across all your digital assets and communications.

  • Use contact blocks to populate the event website or email messages with current speaker information
  • Save time by avoiding duplication of efforts and tasks
  • Make real-time adjustments and changes in the website and mobile app

Automate tasks to drive productivity

Save time and avoid manual errors by managing the entire speaker workflow from one place. Create a custom speaker application form and manage applications from the Attendease dashboard. Approved applications will be automatically added to your event configuration so you can use their information across your event.

  • Automated speaker application workflow and management
  • Empower speakers to self-manage their profiles
  • Automatically pull approved speaker information to the event website


Run events with in-person and online components


Deliver impactful online meetings and events at scale


Save time no matter how big your events portfolio is

I sometimes am a one person team to manage a 100 – 500 person conference. The speaker, sponsor and exhibitor workflow have been a great help in managing time and tasks.

Monique B. from G2Crowd Review

Let Attendease help you optimize your event management processes.