Intuitive Event Website Builder

Create and manage beautiful, branded event websites with zero code.

Empower your team, manage your brand

Create on-brand, fully-customized websites with ease. Keep control over your brand across your entire portfolio of meetings and events, without relying on developers and designers. The Attendease event website builder empowers event professionals to effortlessly create and manage all aspects of the event website.

Keep control over your brand

Our pre-built templates and drag and drop interface enable your teams to quickly build and launch your event websites that are on brand and look amazing. Set user permissions to define users who are able to edit the website.

  • Reduce time and investment spent with developers and designers
  • Empower your event team to manage all aspects of event planning without relying on other teams or agencies
  • Keep control of your brand throughout the entire event lifecycle

Automation from event settings to event website

Attendease pulls data from your event configuration to your event website, so that you save time while reducing manual errors and ensuring quality across all your digital assets and communications.

  • Use contact blocks to populate your event website with the most up to date information about your event, including event agenda, sponsorship, speakers, registrations forms, and more.
  • Save time by avoiding duplication of efforts and tasks
  • Make real-time adjustments and changes in the website

Rinse & Repeat

Attendease offers huge savings in time when managing a portfolio of events. Once an event is created, clone the event website and settings to spin a new event with the click of a button!

  • Use pre-built templates and create fully-branded event websites
  • Clone an event website and settings to spin a new event with the click of a button
  • Create an event portal to share all of your events and on-demand recordings in one place


Run events with in-person and online components


Deliver impactful online meetings and events at scale


Save time no matter how big your events portfolio is

We have web capabilities in-house, however, our team has been bombarded with other projects so I needed to find a solution. That’s where Attendease came in. They make it easy for me to tailor my page and edit it on my own without needing web developer experience. There is always a quick turnaround when I need additional support.


Take the driver’s seat and save time with Attendease.