5 Tips To Power Boost Event Revenue & Attendance


September 6, 2016


5 Tips To Power Boost Event Revenue & Attendance

Today’s event attendees are a busy crowd, often fielding multiple event invitations in one week. In order to help your event stand out in the sea of exciting options out there, you need to ensure that the registration process is quick and easy. Keeping in mind the needs of today’s on-the-go working professional, here are five ways to take advantage of the latest advances in event technology to bring in the right people, and lots of them.

1) Mobile First Approach

Ensuring your event technology is accessible on your attendee’s smart phone is not a “nice to have,” but a necessity. Your attendees are busy and on the go; they rely on their mobile devices as constant sources of news and connection during long days of hectic pursuit… The success of your event and the likelihood of a boost in ticket sales can be directly correlated to having a mobile friendly event website and registration form. A system like this can also help you harness very useful event analytics, event surveys and event check in data.

2) Smart Design

You’ll want to make sure that your event landing page design is simple and readable. Instructions need to be clear and to the point. Graphics should enhance your overall branding, not distract from it. All information needs to be accurate and readily available. People with limited time on their hands should be able to get in and get out with all the basic facts in hand, registration completed smoothly, in as few steps as possible.


3) Create Different Ticket Types and Milestones

Everyone likes a good deal, and event attendees are no different. If you create an incentive for early registration by offering a discount for signing up by a certain date, people who were already planning to attend will most likely take advantage of it. If the discount is significant enough, you can use the savings as an enticement to first time registrants who just need that little extra push to jump onboard. Building in a schedule like this also gives you an additional opportunity for target marketing with email campaigns to remind people of the early bird registration deadline.

4) Stay in Touch

Once you’ve identified the right target audience for your event, you’ll want to make sure you stay in touch with them during your entire registration period. Email blasts containing direct invitations are as much about building relationships as they are about selling tickets. For any event you produce, you’re creating a community of like-minded individuals who are a natural fit for your brand. Along the way, you have multiple opportunities to remind them about discount deadlines, encourage them to complete their registration if they halted midway through the process, and announce new additions to your speaker and session line up. They are part of your world now, so keep that relationship alive, before, during and even after the event!

5) Use Social Media

As you continue to utilize email as a tool of direct outreach to your people, you’ll want to also cut a wide swath in the broader community by making news about your event highly visible on all of your social media channels. These days, many people use Twitter and Facebook, even Instagram, as their primary way of communicating with others about upcoming events. Create an event page on Facebook to link people to your event landing page. Share pictures on Instagram of featured speakers, your venue, or other exciting event-related images. Tweet regularly about registration deadlines and your most exciting speakers. Beat the drum loudly, in as many places as possible, and your people will come running to you.

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