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Simplify and automate your event management processes using the Attendease platform.

Event Management Software

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Our Event Management Platform Features

Flexible registration forms

Create clean, modern, mobile-friendly pages using our event registration software. Forms can have unlimited input fields, in any order.

Customizable pricing

Unlimited options for creating different price groups and passes.

Passes and promo codes

Easily create many event pass types and enjoy the flexibility to set price levels, dates and visibility in registration pages.

Global registration field management

Create consistency in your data analytics and management with global registration fields. Define form fields once at the organization level and use them across all your events.

Embed the registration form into the site with ties to member registration.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Use a variety of SSO solutions for both registrant sign in and event team login security.

Social sharing

Let the registrant instantly share their event attendance information with their network across various social media channels.

Powerful session setup and slotting

Easily create, edit and manage sessions with the visual, drag-and-drop session slotter.

Capacity waitlists

Turn on waitlisting to auto-manage session capacities and registration updates.

Personal agenda creation

Enable attendees to bookmark sessions to create their own personal agenda of the event.

Member/attendee management

Track and manage your single and multi event attendees and members.

Shopping cart (coming soon)

Create separate, optional paid sessions or events to be part of registration (e.g. pre-session education, the gala dinner, or the concert)

Conditional Registration form fields

Create conditional fields for more sophisticated registration scenarios

Tie registration forms to tracks or passes

Create connections between registration forms and pass types, with custom forms for different event groups (ex: regular, VIP and speakers)

Multi-attendee registration

 Allow a single person to register multiple attendees for their event, each with individual personal details, during the same registration occurrence.

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“After a thorough review of all the online event registration sites out there, it quickly became clear how superior Attendease is to the competition. It is BY FAR the most sophisticated program, and that is exactly what I want for the types of clients and attendants I want to attract.”

Meredith Weiss – Kioko

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