Easily create and publish event websites

Clone an existing event and publish it in minutes

Create workflows to automate the event process

Take your event management process one step further

Redefine how events are created and published. Tackle the innovative automation and publishing tools that will optimize and simplify the process.

Event Websites


Our Event Automation Platform Features

Create your highly-customizable, branded event websites with the responsive, powerful and highly configurable publishing engine and CMS.


Clone your event and website, edit and update the details – voila! Your event is ready!  

 Unique sites for different types of events

Use our pre-built templates for all your event types, including webinars, conferences, product launches, retreats, and more!

One-click publish/republish

It is the simplest event website publishing process. Create, edit and customize the event website and click to publish it. Your event is officially live!

Diversity of functionality in widgets

Video widget, photo widget, content widgets – embrace the flexibility and design of our drag-and-drop platform.  

Publish to portal

Consolidate your events in one view and see the listing of events.

Dynamic page publishing

Make real-time adjustments and changes in the website. Update the website and see your changes instantly.

Asset repository

Say “no” to disjointed asset storage. Forget about unintuitive process that creates complexities on the way. Store common assets in a repository available to you and your team members and always have easy access to it.

Theme manager and re-usable widgets across events

Set up, create and manage themes for your company or your business unit for different event types: user conference, roadshow, internal, webinar, on-demand. Also, save event websites as themes.


Create internal and external communication workflows and never leave your attendees without attention.   

Task automation

Automate your internal event tasks, create mechanisms and logical data distribution flows to simplify your event life.  

Triggered communications

Create trigger-based communication tasks and emails to have timely reaction to any action of your attendees.

Get a bird’s eye view into the platform

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“We have web capabilities in-house, however, our team has been bombarded with other projects so I needed to find a solution. That’s where Attendease came in. They make it easy for me to tailor my page and edit it on my own without needing web developer experience. There is always a quick turnaround when I need additional support.”

Katie Olsen – Datto