Event Personas

The single truth to executing a successful B2B event

When planning an event, everything flows from understanding the marketing personas that comprise your prospective attendees. The challenge for event marketers is in taking the overall event objective, aligning it with the appropriate marketing personas, and then developing an event strategy that seamlessly connects your company’s brand tenets with the needs and desires of your prospective audience. When all of these factors are aligned, your event strategy will attract the right target audience and produce a stellar event that offers a high quality value exchange for both your organization and all of your attendees?

  • Different types of event personas
  • Questions you need to ask to define them
  • How to paint an accurate picture of your event attendees
  • How to meet the needs and expectations of the event personas
  • How well do you know your attendees?
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Learn how to build personas for your event marketing initiatives with this complete guide.