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June 27, 2018


Simplifying event management

Isn’t technology great? Sometimes it feels like we are living in the future! Exciting new developments are always just around the corner. While driverless cars and pizza deliveries by drone are not yet available (to us mere mortals) there are some exciting updates from Attendease that are available today. You heard right – today! 

Attendee upload & auto register*

Attendease now supports uploading a .csv file with a list people who will be automatically registered for an event. Each attendee who has been uploaded receive an email to confirm their reservation and access the event website. Simply navigate to the Attendees screen in your event dashboard. Note that at the moment we are only supporting 3 registration fields: first name, last name, and email. 

Replace or delete files uploaded during registration

We all make mistakes, that’s just human nature. So we decided to make it easier for your attendees to replace or delete files they uploaded during registration. Don’t love your profile photo? No problem. Have a new version of that PDF? Simple. Attendees can now login to your account and select the My Registration tab to replace or delete files.

The Watch now feature is available for the Advanced Schedule

The “Watch now” feature allows you to host a video – recorded or live streamed – that is only accessible to registered users for a limited period of time. Registered attendees who schedule a session with Watch now enabled are automatically checked into the session when they access the video content. This allows you to easy produce a report which shows who accessed the content. This feature is now available with the Advanced Session Schedule block!

More Enhancements

We have also released a handful of additional enhancements, including:

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