New Features: Simplifying Event Management


February 20, 2018


Simplifying Event Management

By now, you probably know that our number one priority is to help make your job easier. That’s why we are constantly updating and improving our platform, so event professionals can optimize their work and work smarter, instead of harder. Here are some of the latest platform enhancements that we are proud to share with you!

Advanced Session Schedule

With our latest feature—the Advanced Session Schedule block—you can control exactly how you want your event schedule to appear. Like the Session Schedule block, scheduling data dynamically syncs with your event site keeping your schedule or agenda perfectly up to date.

Along with increased control and flexibility for the schedule layout, this block also supports speaker company logos, session sponsors, live-stream and on-demand video content, session attachments, and more. Learn More.

Private Invitations

Whether you’re planning an internal company meeting, an exclusive event, or anything in between – Private Invitations is a feature you don’t want to miss. This new feature lets you decide who is allowed to register by restricting registration to those individuals who have received an invitation. Learn More.

Free event? Choose how passes are displayed

If your event is free you are now able to choose how (and if) event passes are displayed. Make your selection on the Registration Options screen.


Customize your speaker order

Decide which order you want your event speakers to appear in by enabling the setting on the Speakers block and assigning an order value to each speaker. Learn More.

More options when selecting your event currency

Multi-currency options at the event level give you greater flexibility when you are creating your event. In addition to Canadian and US Dollars, you are now able to choose if event transactions will be completed with Pound Sterling (GBP) or Euros. Note that only one currency per event can be selected. This feature is available for all customers. If you want to set this up for your organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email

Enhancements to the Business Units screen

In our latest instalment of our platform-wide design refresh, we are introducing a new look to the Business Units screen. Immediately see the number of events, members, and event attendees in your organization. Learn More.

More Enhancements

We have also released a handful of additional enhancements, including:

  • Improvements to the responsive abilities of event websites
  • Further design improvements of the user interface
  • Attendee Exports have been updated to include the attendee’s Pricing Group
  • Greater flexibility when creating Registration Codes – you can now include non-numerical and non-alphabetical characters

Want to manage events the smart way?

Schedule a free consultation to learn how Attendease can help you manage events more efficiently.

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