Smart Corporate Event Management And Your EventTech Budget


March 31, 2017


Smart Corporate Event Management And Your EventTech Budget

Events come in all shapes and sizes, but in most cases, it is a company’s larger marquee events that earn the highest acclaim from peers, prospects and partners. However, with the success of those larger events, comes bigger budgets and added costs required to run those events without a hitch. The idea of creating ongoing engagement and finding ways to continuously connect and create product facetime with customers is often better achieved through smaller, regularly scheduled events throughout the year.

Managing this collection of events, event marketing teams tend to focus on the costs for event planning tools and technology on an event-by-event basis, striving for success with a strong event ROI for each event. Ultimately, this may not be the most effective, results-driven strategy for creating a winning portfolio. Certainly the success of each event is imperative, but also looking at how your event portfolio is performing as a whole, what is working and not working and being able to tailor events to your customer profiles will ensure longer term value to the company.  A solution that allows you the efficiency and productivity to do more events will drive a larger overall ROI for your portfolio, generating stronger results overall.

In a world enabled by online, subscription-based corporate event software solutions that can flow data between each other, making one-off decisions on an event-by-event basis could mean higher costs. In addition, you will not be maximizing your return on those tools or making the best long-term decisions for your event portfolio. Licensing event subscription software enables you to amortize the costs of a platform across more events, boosting your leads and improving your long-term ROI.  It also enables event portfolio analysis to inform future event decisions.


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Utilizing event management software across multiple events enables a more strategic view of how to best showcase your brand on a larger scale.

For example: Spending $25,000 on the event technology, registration, and a website required to run one big event may seem reasonable, but if you take a wide-angle view, you could discover that spending $40,000 across one large conference, 12 webinars, 6 product seminars, and 11 customer breakfasts or product tours would give you a significantly higher ROI, and save you money and drive 2-3x more valuable leads or customer relationships in the long run.

Through implementing Saas event management software across all events, you will build a deeper relationship with your customers, gather more data points on prospects, and garner more leads.

The best way to maximize your spending, boost ROI, and enhance your event portfolio management,  is to look at your event planning on a macro level. Taking a larger-scale perspective when it comes to implementing a corporate event management software solution will save you money and time, enabling you to build deeper connections with your customers, generate more leads, and cut costs.                                                                    



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