Events come in all shapes and sizes, but in most cases, it is a company’s larger marquee events that earn the highest acclaim from peers, prospects and partners. However, with the success of those larger events, comes bigger budgets and added costs required to run those events without a hitch. The idea of creating ongoing engagement and finding ways to continuously connect and create product facetime with customers is often better achieved through smaller, regularly scheduled events throughout the year.

The ideal outcome of a well-run event, would be for your attendees to leave buzzing about your event’s success. You would want them to spread the word, you would want to see a booming list of prospects lining up to work with you, an increased number of events on the horizon as a result, and an amazing ROI to show for all of your hard work.



Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps.

Begin your blog post by explaining what problem you are going to solve through your explanation and be sure to include any relevant keywords. Add in a personal story to establish your credibility on this topic. And make sure to end your blog post with a summary of what your reader will gain by following your lead.

Need some inspiration? Check out these "How-To" examples from the HubSpot blog: