Your Repeatable Event Portfolio Process


September 27, 2016


Your Repeatable Event Portfolio Process

Running a successful event isn’t just about impressing your client or boss, it’s about adding to your event management portfolio so you can drive more business and boost your bottom line. Not only do you want your event to look good, you want to be seen as a leader in your industry. By using an effective process that can be duplicated, you can boost your event portfolio with fewer errors, increase your brand consistency, and avoid burning out. Here’s how:

Increase your event roster. Duplicating your processes could enable more events, allowing you to double your event roster. Using an efficient cross-platform event management solution will save you time, freeing up additional  time and resources to take on multiple events. Taking on more events will show that you are capable of not only running quality events, but managing a higher quantity of events too.

Create a more diverse event portfolio. An event that is easier to execute opens up more opportunities to take on a variety of event types. This allows you to show your diversity as an event marketer, proving that you can manage events of different types and sizes, from webinars to product salons, to user conferences. Showing that you can work with a diverse clientele will not only demonstrate your ability to meet the needs of a range of clients, but it will increase profits for your business by tapping into new channels.


Customize events. Creating event-type templates allows for more customizable events, enabling you to create portfolios to match each unique event size and segment. Showing that you can customize elements of an event will not only impress your boss, it will impress your clients as well.

Generate new leads. When processes can be repeated and executed seamlessly, you will see more effective lead generation opportunities as a result. Event attendees will see that you’ve successfully managed your event without a hitch, and will want you to harness a successfully-run event for them as well.

Please the customer. Through creating repeatable processes, you can cater to various customer segments. This will allow you to grow and expand your reach, while ensuring a solid customer experience.

Show results. Aggregate event metrics for a portfolio view of your events. As part of your stream of repeatable processes, it is important to include a thorough, descriptive event report that summarizes all of the necessary metrics to make your event shine as a component of your overall portfolio. Strong metrics to back up the success of your event will draw in more business opportunities and prove your place as an event leader, while improving your overall event portfolio management process.

Using a repeatable process will not only cut down on your work time, but it will positively impact the event’s outcome.  Your event team will be able to drive significantly better results through doing more events, generate more leads, and ultimately see a better ROI as a result.

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Attendease is the event management platform trusted by teams running some of the world’s biggest, most exciting, design-forward and tech-advanced events. At Attendease, we believe that having the most effective events as part of an overall digital marketing strategy is all about giving organizations the right code, design and access to innovations. With ultimate flexibility in design and integrations, the Attendease powerful platform helps teams focus on developing amazing events that grow great companies. For more information, visit


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