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an event platform with powerful scheduling on desktop and mobile.
Right out of the box!

No need for an event website in addition to mobile apps for each device. Attendease publishes your event's website, schedule, and registration forms in one place: on the mobile web.

(And, yes… we also build iPhone and Android apps)

Attendease Desktop Scheduler Attendease Mobile Scheduler

We're proud that Attendease is trusted by some of our most beloved companies:

CDS Global
Registration and Payment
Robust pricing features for both simple and complex events. Build unlimited registration forms and flows for all your attendee types using our easy drag-and-drop Form Builder.
Onsite Check-in
Understand where your attendees go onsite. Use Attendease to check your guests in when they arrive to the event or when they attend scheduled sessions.
Attendee Messaging
Constantly stay in touch with your attendees with our integrated email messaging tools.
With our drag-and-drop Survey Builder, you can garner instant feedback from attendees via mobile-friendly online surveys.
Schedule Builder

Say goodbye to Excel and say hello to Attendease!

Our revolutionary Schedule Builder allows you to visually plan your event's sessions, presenters and venues, saving tons of time and eliminating mistakes.

Attendease Schedule Builder
Your event site pixel-perfectly the way you want it.
Choose from three theming options:
1. Attendease Theme
(now with more mobile!)

Use the beautiful Attendease mobile-friendly theme for your website pages, registration flows, schedules, surveys and outgoing emails. You have the option to add custom branding, change colors as well as modify other options.

See Examples

Attendease Default Theme Attendease Default Theme on Mobile
2. Site-Matched Theme

Allow us to create a re-usable theme that perfectly matches your organization's website. Once we match the graphics, colours, styles, layouts and site navigation, you can re-use your site-matched theme for all your subsequent Attendease events!

See Examples

Additional charges may apply.

Attendease Site Matched Theme
3. Custom Theme Design

Let us build a uniquely beautiful theme for your event. Attendease can take on all the work or we can collaborate with your in-house design and development team to build a theme that works. Best of all, it's simple to re-use your themes for all subsequent Attendease events!

See Examples

Additional charges may apply.

Attendease Desktop Theme Attendease Mobile Theme
Attendease is built for organizations
Powerful tools to increase your team's efficiency for your recurring events