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“I love the flexibility within the application. It handles small events all the way to large and complex events. For our company that is key for an enterprise level solution. The biggest win is the time savings – gone are the days of managing events with excel and email. Our event managers are putting their time into enhancing events rather than searching through email.

Across our enterprise, event planners were having to jump through hoops to deal with all the regulations and constraints when registering attendees for an event. The application saves them huge amounts of time by implementing event tools to manage the registration flow. It also gives them a very professional website to complement their event. The win here is that they don’t have to hire an agency to design/build a site for them. With a handful of assets they can spin up a site and publish it on their own in a day. This freedom has saved significant $$ and the time savings is immeasurable!”


“We recently launched a traveling road show project in the middle of the pandemic that required an event management platform that would allow us to pre-register customers, and control the number of guests at each event.  The Attendease event management platform was the perfect solution! 

Working with an extremely tight timeframe, the Attendease account team was super responsive and helpful, and we were able to customize our site and distribute invitations in a matter of weeks.  We are now in to our second month of our inaugural tour, and the system has worked flawlessly. 

The site is extremely user-friendly and very intuitive, and we have had no issues with our district representatives being able to check guests in at our events.  Additionally, we are able to pull reports of who attended each event, and easily transfer this information to our existing CRM system.

– Al C.

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“Our business had to execute 200+ events and needed to lean on an easy to use product instead of manually making landing pages for each one. Attendease is a comprehensive one stop shop for event management.”


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“We manage major conferences all over the world. Using Attendease frees up our digital team from developing solutions for all the events we operate and gives the events team a complete all-in-one solution.

Attendease is so easy to use as an event team, but more importantly, it’s easy for participants to register. It comes with a plethora of features like event website, mobile app, the registration system or the scheduling system — the ability to customize each event only to use the features that you require.”


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“Attendease is very user-friendly and can also partner with other platforms such as I liked the social media feed/activity feed as well. For our January 2017 Training Meetings we chose to work with Attendease and created 2 Meeting Websites. Overall the look and feel was on brand and it was very user-friendly from our attendee perspective. The Customer Support was outstanding and I say this as we had many customization requests and this posed challenging for my team but due to the excellent customer service we received all the customization was actualized which made me very happy. I look forward to using Attendease for future meetings”.


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“We run an annual event that has a lot of moving pieces – from speakers to sponsors to living arrangements, and scheduling. It seems like every feature on Attendease was developed based on deep and extensive industry knowledge on the part of the Attendease team. The product functions great and suits our needs on just about every level. I cannot believe we had been doing things manually (through Google Forms, MailChimp, etc) for all of these years.

I have to say that I am insanely impressed. It’s very clear that you have through some amazing workflows and I simply cannot believe I didn’t just bite the bullet and do this last year!”


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 “We have web capabilities in-house, however, our team has been bombarded with other projects so I needed to find a solution. That’s where Attendease came in. They make it easy for me to tailor my page and edit it on my own without needing web developer experience. There is always a quick turnaround when I need additional support.”


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“From the start of the process to the end Attendease always said YES! They listen to your overall goals and needs. The staff is very easy to work with and they will partner with you to get your final needs achieved. Great Product, great Team, Great Service, great partner!”


“It is the ease of use with the Attendease platform and the ability to scale to various size and types of programs that I like best. In addition the customer support is top notch. They are always there to review and advise on best practices. If there is ever an issue, the team is on it right away. ”


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“I love how simple and easy that Attendease is to use! It makes building a website easy and quick! We did a custom theme and the team there to help us was very quick to respond and extremely helpful!”


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“After a thorough review of all the online event registration sites out there, it quickly became clear how superior Attendease is to the competition. Attendease, while yes, slightly higher in cost than others, is well worth the expense for its ease of use, features and functionality, customer support and quality. It is by far the most sophisticated program, and that is exactly what I want for the types of clients and attendants I want to attract. Jamie, Julien and the entire Attendease team are fantastic. You don’t get support like this anywhere else!”


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“Attendease offers a solid event management platform for busy corporate event teams running multiple events. The benefits the system can offer are guaranteed to offer time-saving efficiencies for event planners.”

“Attendease is an event management and automation platform that simplifies the operations of corporate event teams. It provides them with the tools they need to govern successful events, such as configurable registration forms, marketing emails, event website publishing, and more.”

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