Integrate into your marketing stack

Attendease will seamlessly integrate with your sales and marketing tools and become an organic part of your marketing data and campaigns.

Set up the flow of attendee information from Attendease to the corresponding HubSpot contact. By leveraging HubSpot’s Timeline API you are able to track major attendee interactions such as registering to an event, scheduling, and checking in to a session.

Set up the flow of attendee information from Attendease to Salesforce Campaigns. Associate existing Salesforce Leads and Contacts to specific Campaigns for each event and have new Leads automatically created before being associating to the event-specific Campaign.

Set up the flow of attendee and event information from Attendease to your Slack team. Stay informed of the most important event and attendee updates without having to go into Attendease, including new registrations, refund requests, waitlist status, and more.

Integrate with both the Attendease CMS and the Attendease mobile app to use features like live Q&A, polls, and slides for meetings and events. There is no cost for the integration but you must manage and moderate your own account.


Connect Attendease to Marketo and keep your lists accurate and segmented for more powerful marketing campaigns. With this integration, you can send data points from Attendease to Marketo, including registration information, survey answers, change to passes, and more.

Make on-site event management easier by leveraging the Attendease and Boomset integration. With Boomset you can easily manage event check-ins and see this information updated in Attendease.

You are able to track online traffic by integrating Google Analytics with your event site. To add a third party snippet go to the Website tab and click the Site Settings menu item. Then select the “Scripts” tab.

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