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Attendease Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder

Build Conflict-Free Schedules.

Say goodbye to Excel and say hello to Attendease! Our revolutionary Schedule Builder allows you to visually plan your event's sessions, presenters and venues... saving you oodles of time and eliminating costly mistakes.

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Attendease Schedule Builder

We're proud that Attendease is trusted by some of our most beloved companies:

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Attendease Mobile App

Mobile Event App

Take your event, conference, or meeting to the next level with our mobile event app.

Give your attendees the best mobile app experience with the Attendease mobile event app. Our standard app fully integrates with the Attendease platform and features interactive scheduling, social integration and networking, in-app messaging, personal agendas, and real-time updates.

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Attendease Theme Screenshot

Custom Themes

The flexibility to showcase your event exactly the way you want.

The revolutionary Attendease theming engine provides you with three flexible options to craft your event site's look and feel: Attendease's own beautiful, mobile-friendly theme, a site-matched theme of your organization's website, or an original theme based on your specs or using help from the Attendease design team. All three themes are reusable to save time and money for recurring events.

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Attendease Registration and Payment icon

Registration and Payment

Easy registration setup lets you start accepting payments immediately.

Our registration and payment tools include drag-and-drop form building, pass and group management, powerful reporting and financials, and uncomplicated attendee management. Our registration forms are clean, modern, mobile-friendly and can be highly customized to perfectly match your brand.

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Attendease Event and Session Survey icon

Event and Session Surveys

Easy survey setup lets you start collecting feedback right away.

Quickly set up event and session surveys to collect feedback and data from your attendees. With the drag-and-drop survey builder you can create clean, modern, mobile-friendly surveys. Securely access your data and download reports on demand. Share survey results with team members or restrict access with team permissions.

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Attendease Organizations and Teams icon

Organizations and Teams

Give each of your event teams their own level of admin access.

Manage team access levels so you can delegate effectively. Make sure your team members can only see the areas they're entitled to by enabling access to the appropriate admin areas before inviting them.

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Attendease Email and Messaging icon

Email and Messaging

Instantly message your attendees wherever they are.

Keep your attendees in the loop with messages that match your branding. When confirming an attendee's registration, sending an individual email, or blasting a message to hundreds of attendees, we ensure that your outgoing emails are consistently on brand.

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Attendease Reporting and Statistics icon

Reporting and Statistics

Always live, always at your fingertips.

From registration summaries and detailed financials, to survey answers and session attendance data, all pertinent information about your events is readily available at the click of a button in the Attendease administration portal.

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Attendease Onsite Tools icon

Onsite Management

Track and manage your attendees onsite.

Manage your attendees in real-time while keeping track of when they arrive to the event and which sessions they attend.

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Attendease Developer API

Developer API

Developers! Developers! Developers!

Attendease API is available so that your developers can easily integrate their Attendease events with any other systems.

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