Enable more events for less, driving down your per-event and per-attendee costs. Eliminate costs with custom websites, integration, existing registration costs, cycle-time savings on creating events, elimination of per-attendee fees and significant up-front costs.

Dramatically reduce custom website development and hosting costs

Reduce tools from an average of seven down to one

Adopt a subscription that drives down the cost per event with each incremental event you do


Up to 999 attendees

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Events


Up to 2,999 attendees

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Events


Up to 11,999 attendees
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Events


12,000+ attendees
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Events

Core Platform

1 web template included

Event Management

Event Marketing

Attendee Experience

Publishing & Automation

Multi-Event Management

Event Measurement

All SMB Features Plus:

2 Web Templates Included

Advanced Registration

Sponsor, Exhibitor, and Speaker Workflows

Private Invitations

All Pro Features Plus:

All Web Templates Included

Template Design Services

Event Listing or Calendar Portal

Event Request


All Business Features Plus:

All Web Templates Included

Custom Authentication

One-on-One Custom Training Sessions

Former Product Council

All Business Features Plus:

All Web Templates Included

Custom Authentication

One-on-One Custom Training Sessions

Former Product Council


We offer a number of custom work for an additional fee.

Talk to our team to learn how we can help!

Concierge Service

Custom Design Services

Custom URL/Cert Setup

Integration Services

On-site Support

Premium Mobile App


How does Attendease pricing work?

It’s simple – we’re subscription-based in general. You pick the plan based on the estimated number of annual attendees spread across all your events and pay a monthly subscription. Other add-ons and options are available in addition to subscriptions. The beautiful thing is you can do as many events as you want within those parameters – finally team-based event collaboration!

What are the benefits of an annual subscription?

Having an annual subscription will provide you with a fixed cost for your event management software, and annual plans include a discount versus paying month to month. Now increasing the number of events in your annual portfolio means bringing the cost per event DOWN as you do more events!

How can Attendease help me reduce my variable event costs?

Variable costs, like per attendee registrations create inconvenience and ambiguity in planning and budgeting.
Using an unintegrated platform and multiple tools is also a large contributor to inflating your technology costs, since there is no uniformity in cost structures.

Attendease is an integrated solution and reduces the number of tools you use for event management, eliminating variable costs that might unexpectedly pop up throughout the year. Planning ahead and subscribing on an annual basis allows your team to be trained, and your account to be configured for all of your events, so you can automate tasks and through your entire event management process.

I picked the event plan. What are the next steps?

Fill out a “get started” or demo request form on the website or reach out to sales@attendease.com and let them know you are ready to get started. A team member will walk you through the details of the onboarding process and kickstart the process.

What happens if I exceed my attendees limit?

Should you have used all your attendees in your subscription plan, you will be notified that you have reached your limit in your current plan, and you will be updated to the next plan level, and billed accordingly.

Are there any hidden fees?

You pay your subscription, and for your add-ons, and then for any paid events, you pay a 2.9% transaction fee and a 1.5% processing fee. There are no other fees. Add-ons are available to further enhance your event planning processes, but are not necessary.

Customer Love

“I love how simple and easy that Attendease is to use! It makes building a website easy and quick! We did a custom theme and the team there to help us was very quick to respond and extremely helpful!”

Kelsey McFarlane, Orchestra Software

“Attendease is the Swiss Army knife of conference production. The best part is the ‘ah-ha’ moments when using the platform – the attention to small details not only delight, but dramatically enhance the process of conference programming”.

Wei Yeh, SXSW

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