Don’t Let Event Registration Pitfalls Ruin the Attendee Experience


August 3, 2017


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We all recognize the importance of first impressions. Well, event registration is the first tangible touchpoint with your attendees—and you better make a good impression. Unfortunately, creating a stress-free, optimized registration process isn’t as simple as throwing up a generic registration form on your website and forgetting about it. As an event planner, it’s important to pay attention to your attendee’s—and your own—pain points inherent in the registration process in order to optimize the experience. Addressing these challenges head-on with a high-performance event registration and event management solution will ensure you put your best foot forward with a user-friendly, streamlined registration process.


Here are 4 tips for overcoming common registration pitfalls: 


Flexible online registration is key to a positive registration experience but can be a challenge to achieve. One size does not fit all; registering for a webinar or an in-house educational seminar differs from the registration process for a multi-day user conference. Accordingly, registration tools must have the flexibility to accommodate various requirements—whether attendees are requesting a special meal, registering multiple attendees at once, or indicating accommodation preferences. Your event registration software should also provide the flexibility to create separate, optional paid sessions (e.g., gala dinner, pre-conference education sessions) or to tie registration to different tracks (e.g., regular, VIP, or speakers).

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Automated data collection and integration

The registration process can yield some valuable attendee data. But tracking, storing, analyzing, and effectively utilizing the volume of event data for all of your events is no small feat. Thankfully, sophisticated event planning software can simplify the task by integrating with marketing automation tools (e.g., HubSpot, Eloqua), marketing analytics software (e.g., Marketo), CRM solutions (e.g., Salesforce), and email marketing tools (e.g., MailChimp, Infusionsoft). By integrating your event registration software with your marketing tech stack, you can send automated follow-up emails after registration to ensure attendees are consistently engaged, garner value from post-registration survey data, and export reports that track performance through the entire event lifecycle, from registration through post-event follow-up.




User-friendly payment process

Attendees want to be able to pay without any hassles. With customizable registration forms, you can make the online payment process as simple as possible for attendees. Offer a choice of secure payment processing methods and the ability to choose different event pass types at various price points e.g., single-day ticket vs 3-day pass. Providing options based on event type, accommodating discounts and refunds, or offering promotional codes take the guesswork out of the process for attendees. Plus, ease of payment not only creates a positive attendee experience but saves you time and administrative headaches.



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Optimized registration forms

Creating mobile-friendly registration forms that provide attendees with all the information, choices, and flexibility they require can be a challenge. Customizable forms for different event groups, custom ‘help’ text, and conditional fields for more sophisticated registration scenarios help streamline the attendee registration experience. From an event management perspective, event planners should seek out event registration software that supports last-minute changes and the ability to edit forms on-the-fly.


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If you’d like to see how the Attendease event automation platform can optimize your event registration process—and ensure happy attendees—check out for a demo.


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