How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


November 1, 2019


How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package

Running an event is a costly experience. Even for small events, costs can ramp up quickly and out of budget if you are not prepared for issues that might pop up. With event costs rising every year, you will want to bring in revenue from as many channels as possible. Luckily, sponsors are here to make event costs easier to manage and to help generate significant revenue for your event. This is why event sponsorship packages are crucial because they help you get more sponsors.

When a company wants to learn more about your event, they will want to know how they benefit from sponsoring. Every sponsor has different goals, but common benefits include: 

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Guaranteed booth space
  • Access to registration and attendee lists

You will likely have this information about event sponsorships in a PDF, which you can post on your event website and have your sales team share with interested sponsors. In your event sponsorship package, you want to include the following information:

  • Expected attendance
  • Attendee demographics (age, gender, job titles, etc.)
  • Sponsorship tiers and benefits
  • Testimonials from past sponsors

Sponsorship Tiers

When it comes to sponsorships, tiers have to be considered. Not every sponsor is going to be equal based on the amount of money they contribute and what they are looking to get in terms of sponsoring your event. This is where sponsorship tiers come into play. You will want to build a sense of exclusivity for your higher sponsor tiers, so you will want to limit the number of sponsorship opportunities as well. 

For example, you can use the following tiers:

The Silver Package: 

  • Cost: $2,000 
  • Your company logo on all event marketing materials
  • Guaranteed booth in the event expo center
  • A sponsorship grab bag

The Gold Package: 

  • Cost: $3,500 
  • Everything in the Bronze Package 
  • A branded lounge room named after your company
  • A dedicated page in the conference handbook handed out at the event
  • Only 10 available

The Diamond Package:

  • Cost: $8,000 
  • Everything in the Bronze and Silver Packages
  • A guaranteed speaking/demonstration opportunity for your company’s CEO 
  • Dedicated email sent to registrants and attendees about your product/service
  • Company logo included in event swag
  • Only 3 available

Ideally, you want to put the event sponsorship tiers into an easy to understand chart. An example sponsorship tiers chart is provided below:


 Silver GoldDiamond
Logo and company profile on the conference website
Discount on additional tickets
Guaranteed booth space
Branded lounge room
Logo on live streams and videos 
Logo on conference swag 
Host a workshop 
30-minute speaking slot 
Access to registration and attendee list  
Email list rental  
Branded WiFi  


Sponsorship Package Ideas

As mentioned earlier, companies want unique benefits for sponsoring your event. There is a “pay to play” element because companies who spend the most will want exclusive benefits. Here are a few suggestions for sponsorship benefits you can provide: 

Sponsored lounges

Attendees need a place to recharge physically and mentally during an event. Give sponsors the opportunity to have their branding and some swag so attendees can learn more about them while they are relaxing and “recharging” during the event.

Phone charging stations

Even with the proper planning, a phone’s battery can quickly die out during an event. Even though smartphones are becoming more powerful, their battery lives haven’t made the same progress. Attendees will need a phone charging station to help them manage their battery lives, so this will be a great way for sponsors to get their branding noticed. 

Sponsored videos/live streams

If your event includes live streaming, include the sponsor’s logo in the stream. You can usually do this with a “Sponsors” section in the live stream of the video. If you create a post-video event, make sure there is a section dedicated to thanking your sponsors. 

Sponsored parties

Post-event parties and happy hours are a great way to recover from the fatigue of running around the event floor all day or manning a booth. Use these parties as a way to promote a sponsor so they can have even more people become aware of who they are. 

Exclusive workshops/speaking sessions

A lot of companies who sponsor want the option to get directly in the face of attendees. Depending on your event type, there are going to be speakers or working sessions (for educational conferences). Speaking opportunities are the most coveted because people will sit down and listen to the speaker. 

Host a Panel

For mid-tier sponsors, they may not be able to get a speaking opportunity. If your event has a panel, they can pay to host it with one of their employees serving as the moderator.

Event Sponsorship Web Pages

Companies love to sponsor for branding purposes (and get backlinks). A sponsor web page is a requirement for any event you host. To give you an example of what a Sponsors page should look like, here are some best-in-class examples from companies like Adobe, GitHub, and Microsoft.

Adobe Max Sponsorship Package

Event Sponsorship Testimonials

Social proof is always a great conversion tool. If you have used sponsors for past events, reach out to them to get quotes about how they benefited from sponsoring your event. You can include these testimonials on your website and event sponsorship document so potential sponsors can see why your event is worth sponsoring. 

Get started with Event Sponsorship Packages

Event sponsorships are valuable because they generate revenue and make your event more credible. With a well-built event sponsorship packages, you will be able to easily communicate the value of your event to sponsors. 

Remember to include different sponsorship tiers at varying price points so more companies have a chance to get involved. Make it clear what each sponsor will receive, use exclusivity to your advantage, and make your sponsorship packages enticing.

As part of the Attendease platform, sponsor management is made easy with automation. With our Workflow features, you are able to manage and add sponsors by tiers. You can then use the Sponsor Block in our website builder (CMS) to pull information from the platform directly to the website. If using our event app, this would also pull the data to the event app.

If you need to edit anything, you just need to edit the settings and republish the website and app to have the information updated, so you don’t need to manually change it everywhere.

Attendease is a powerful event management software and automation platform designed specifically for corporate event teams. By helping you address the entire event lifecycle, using Attendease can reduce event costs and make events easier to run. Find out how Attendease can help by requesting a demo


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