Stay on Top of Your Events with Attendease Integrations


July 20, 2017


Stay on Top of Your Events with Attendease Integrations

The role of integrating your event management solution with other cloud tools in event planning and execution is to simplify lead management and create a seamless, error-free attendee management process. Attendease is proud to announce the launch of three big integrations that will enable you to automate your attendee management process and delegate this task to your event platform.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is a powerful Inbound marketing automation software that helps companies manage their sales and marketing pipeline. The Attendease integration with HubSpot extends your marketing stack and helps drive more strategic value from your events.


hubspot integration .png

Why Integrate Attendease with HubSpot?

  • Triggered by an attendee registration, flow your event lead data into HubSpot
  • Track your attendee actions: session registrations, personal information updates, waiting list status, check-ins or cancellations
  • Set up lead nurturing or marketing campaigns for your attendees
  • Create smart lists based on various actions of your attendees for more targeted campaigns
  • Use pre-set filters to enable an in-depth view into your event lead data

Slack Integration

Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. The Attendease integration with Slack helps keep your events, marketing and executive teams in the know about your corporate events.

 slack_new final.png


Why Integrate Attendease with Slack?

  • Get instant notifications in Slack about event registrants, cancellations, payment and other attendee actions
  • Set up daily Slack reports with all important event data you want to track
  • See notifications about the status of your event (date and time published, changes, etc.)
  • Simple, one-step integration process
  • Create separate Slack channels for each event  


Salesforce Integration

Sell, service, and market smarter with Salesforce. The Attendease integration with Salesforce has been improved and now drives more value from your event leads!


automation screenshot.png


Why Integrate Attendease with Salesforce?

  • Consolidate all event data in one place
  • Run pre-event and post-event campaigns for event registrants
  • Analyze and get a deep dive into your event data

Unifying multiple tools into a single platform allows you to have a holistic and comprehensive view of your business and ROI. The new integration possibilities of Attendease provide event marketers with an in-depth look into their events and enable better management of event leads.   


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