Having a deep understanding of your target audience is the first step to successfully achieve your organization’s goals. Whether your event is targeting consumers from a specific demographic or professionals from specific fields, having the right data at your disposal can be crucial to the success of your event. Here are three ways you could use attendee data and how you can gather it.

You've planned great events and you've checked off everything on your list. What happens to all your valuable information with all the new faces that attended your events? Attendease has added yet another integration that's no stranger in your event sales and marketing efforts. Your Attendease information can now easily flow into Marketo programs and leads. 



Attendee Applications

There are certain exclusive events that require attendees to be vetted. Whether these events are internal, invite only, or simply have a limited capacity, there are times when you need an application process. We recently released an attendee application process.

Your branding is a powerful statement. Your brand conveys a variety of messages (subtle or not so subtle) about your product or company. Think benefits, values, culture, and personality (to name a few). We want to make it easier for you to stay on brand so we've added some design enhancements this week to help you make a statement.

We're excited to share exciting updates to the Marketing module on the Attendease platform. This includes an easier way to add analytics and advertising conversion tracking snippets, and a more robust email platform to manage your event email marketing campaigns. Keep reading to learn the details!