BlueJeans Video Conferencing Alternative: Attendease

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February 21, 2024


BlueJeans Video Conferencing Alternative: Attendease

BlueJeans, a Verizon-owned software company, is sunsetting this year. Now, customers who have been using the video conferencing platform to host online events, conferences, meetings, or live streams, have to find a new way of connecting with virtual audiences.

Are you a BlueJeans customer looking for an alternative solution? Losing access to the software you love is no walk in the park, but fortunately, choosing and implementing a new platform is easier than ever with Attendease. 

What Is BlueJeans?

Founded in 2009 and launched for commercial use in 2011, BlueJeans was started by Krish Ramakirshnan and Alagu Periyannan as a video conferencing solution that hoped to be “as comfortable and as casual as your pair of jeans.” Later, in May 2020, BlueJeans was acquired by Verizon for about $400 million.

The business-focused, cloud-based video conferencing platform offered users the ability to connect across multiple devices from anywhere in the world. Users could host interactive events and live streams as well as share screens, collaborate across video and audio, and integrate with other conferencing solutions.

BlueJeans Video Conferencing & Virtual Events Platform

With a wide variety of interactive options and high-quality, production-grade experiences, BlueJeans was a popular virtual events platform. Large companies, schools, and other organizations used BlueJeans to host and manage engaging events for people across the globe.

What Happened to BlueJeans Video Conferencing Software?

On August 8, 2023, Verizon announced that it would sunset BlueJeans in the first half of 2024.

Instead of an immediate shutdown, Verizon started the sunset process by terminating the BlueJeans Basic tier and free trial offers on August 31, 2023. According to their shutdown announcement, the rest of the video conferencing platform will be discontinued at some point in 2024.

Why Is Verizon Shutting Down BlueJeans?

The move by Verizon to sunset BlueJeans was shocking to many users of the platform. In a mass email to BlueJeans users, Verizon claimed the decision was made “due to the changing market landscape.”

Did Verizon fail to capitalize on BlueJeans’s massive subscriber list, vast reach, and premier products? Did the company change the direction of its core focus or simply struggle to sell end-user services like a virtual collaboration tool? We can only speculate why Verizon decided to shut down BlueJeans and leave users in the lurch.

Your Alternative to BlueJeans: Attendease

If you use BlueJeans and now have to search for a new video conferencing platform or virtual event solution for your team, try Attendease.

Attendease is a comprehensive event planning and management software platform that businesses can use to connect with audiences, automate processes, and save resources. We provide a seamless, branded experience for our users and make it easy to integrate with other video conferencing providers as needed.

Why is Attendease the best alternative to BlueJeans? Here’s what our all-in-one platform has to offer.

Use One Tool Across the Entire Event Lifecycle

Attendease is designed to help you plan and manage your event over its entire lifecycle. Rather than using a variety of tools to complete different tasks, you can use one tool for event promotion, pre-event planning, event management, and post-event analysis. You can also consolidate any of your existing enterprise tools—such as Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Slack, etc.—with Attendease as well as integrate your preferred video conferencing provider, such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Webex.

Our flexible platform is designed to manage even the most complex of conferences, meetings, webinars, or other events for your team, customers, or industry partners.

Manage In-Person, Online, Hybrid, & Live Events

No matter what event format your business relies on; you can plan and host events with Attendease. Our software supports in-person, online, hybrid, and live events from one platform and has the versatility to change formats as needed to throw a successful event. From virtual events to in-person meetings and everything in between, the Attendease platform simplifies and automates workflows to save resources and grow your audience.

Streamline the Event Planning & Management Process

With our easy-to-use and fully integrated platform, you can streamline the event planning and management process for every online meeting, hybrid conference, or live-streamed webinar. Our comprehensive event tools offer everything you could need to throw a business event, from a painless registration process and features that help increase your reach to a user-friendly interface and customized speaker workflows.

You can customize the Attendease platform to fit your needs—no web developer required, and if you have questions or need assistance, reach out to our excellent customer support for help and answers. With a quick turnaround, you’ll be on your way to event success.

See Attendease in Action: Schedule a Free Demo

Looking for an alternative to BlueJeans video conferencing software? Look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Attendease is a leading all-in-one professional event planning and managing software that provides an intuitive, seamless, and convenient digital experience. Whether you are hosting a virtual conference, scheduling an annual all-hands meeting, or presenting a live webinar, you can streamline the entire event planning and management process with Attendease.

Contact us or book a free demo today to see all the features Attendease has to offer and learn more about how we can help you throw your next conference, meeting, webinar, or event.

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